Dianne J. Frost, Ph.D
Creator of the Wisdom of the Wound™and Manifesting with Passion™Processes


Did you know that most current relationship problems are a result of prior relationship problems? There are two things that stop us with love: fear and lack of faith in our innate gifts. Did you also know that what stops us with love is largely subconscious? It’s no wonder that people keep repeating one bad relationship after another; their subconscious is running the show! That’s why love and relationship coaching that taps into the deeper layers of consciousness is needed to break unwanted vicious cycles and change our fate with love.

Every act of relationship sabotage is actually, a self- preservation attempt from our subconscious. The Wisdom of the Wound ™ Process starts with delving into prior unpleasant relationship experience in order to look for the wisdom and transformation needed to be ready for a joyful love experience. The Manifesting with Passion ™ Process takes the ready and willing heart one step further by tapping into our innate passion and using that to attract a soul mate. Do you know what subconscious energies hold the keys for you?

Presentation Topics:

Wisdom of the Wound ™ : How to Release the Pain of Past Relationships and Attract Your Soul Mate
The famous Depth Psychologist, Carl Jung, states, “When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate.” The Wisdom of the Wound ™ Process is designed to make our inner situations conscious so that we can be masters of our fates.

I explain why so many unhappy relationships, or lack of relationships, are the result of unconscious inner situations and demonstrate how we can use this knowledge to have better experiences in love. Our repressed painful experiences actually have hidden wisdom within them. When we grasp the wisdom, the toxic pain can be released. The previously trapped inner energy is now transformed and available to attract a vital love relationship.

You will learn:

  • Why we have been attracted to troublesome relationships and how to break the spell
  • How to find the hidden wisdom in our wounds
  • Ways to release pain and reclaim vital energy for attracting our soul mate

Manifesting with Passion ™ : How to Use the Power of Your Innate Passion to Attract Your Soul Mate
Joseph Campbell encouraged people to, “Follow your bliss.” I explain how the Manifesting with Passion™ Process is designed to help people recall their innate passion, the bliss that has always been within them. Once it has been accessed, people can easily attract their soul mate.

You will learn:

  • Why living your bliss is the key to attracting your soul mate
  • How to tap into your innate passion
  • Ways to use the power of your passion to direct your actions so you can live your bliss

Booking an Event:

If you are a meeting planner, program chair, or book speakers for events, then you’ll find Dianne’s topics to be ideal for an audience of professional women & men in their 30’s – 60’s. Dianne can tailor her presentations from 30 minutes to a full day or more. She’ll make every minute engaging, informative and interactive. To book Dianne, call 858-603-8596 or write her at Read more about Dr. Frost at


Dianne Frost, Ph.D is the creator of the Wisdom of the Wound ™ and the Manifesting with Passion ™ Processes for discovering how to attract and maintain joyful loving relationships. She comes to love and relationship coaching as a Depth Psychologist, Certified Hypno-therapist, and Master Educational Counselor. Her specialty is helping people transform what limits them, thus freeing themselves to share conscious, loving lives with their soul mates.

 “Dr. Dianne’s spiritual approach is so appreciated. Her wisdom infuses with her spirituality, which makes for her message easy to absorb. Her understanding of the evolving transformation in relationships is profound.” – Dr. Cheryl Scheurer, Ph.D., “Wake Up With Dr. Cheryl” Television Show

 “Dr. Dianne Frost is powerful and heart-centered guest expert that I have had the privilege of interviewing multiple times.  Every time Dr. Dianne is well prepared, very knowledgeable, and always shares in a way this is easy for the audience to connect to her message and apply her wisdom to their lives.  I highly recommend Dr. Dianne Frost as a guest expert to serve your audience(s).” – Rebecca Hall Gruyter, Talk Radio Show Host on VoiceAmerica, Creator of the Speaker Talent Search and the Women’s Empowerment Series.

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